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Employee Wellness Programmes

Customised employee wellness solutions to suit your company and budget.

The aim of most Employee Assistance programmes (EAP) is to correct bad and unhealthy employee behaviours and more reactive than proactive with the hope of increasing morale and productivity. Our approach is different. Our wellbeing programmes are designed to inform, empower and provide employees with the skills needed to take ownership of their wellbeing.

A holistic EWP help supports employees with the necessary interventions and self-management tools to better manage their lifestyle, and to make informed decisions about their health. At Olwazini we offer holistic EWP, which is customised to your business needs and your budget.

We tailor make your Employee Wellness Programme to suit your needs and budget and pride ourselves in providing high quality and affordable wellbeing and best practice solutions to our client. We can provide mobile or in-house wellness packages.


We offer the following solutions:

  • 1-day Corporate Wellness interventions
  • Absenteeism Management
  • Medical Onboarding
  • Health Screenings
  • Chronic Disease management
  • HIV/AIDS Programme management and support
  • Executive Medicals and Customised support programmes
  • EAP
    • 24/7/365 Telephonic counselling
    • Trauma Debrief
    • Face to Face Counselling
  • Occupational Health Management
    • H & S Training
    • Entry and Exit Medicals

Absenteeism Management

Companies need to manage employees’ absence. Yet management isn’t only about authorising planned absences. What if your employees continuously arrive late or act against company leave policies? Would you even notice? Absenteeism can have negative consequences:

  • Decreased productivity
  • Demotivated employees
  • Decreased customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Job dissatisfaction & increased staff turnover


We are a registered EAP provider with EAP-SA – (SA/SP/E/0035)