Olwazini HR Consulting is a one-stop Human Resources Consulting company, based in Johannesburg South Africa and operates in all 9 provinces and is also equipped to provide talent mobility throughout Africa through our Associate partners.

The company experience spans over ten years and we provide full generalist HR support with specialist areas, always with a strong focus on talent management which looks at the entire employee life cycle from recruitment, placement, development, career growth right until exit. We are passionate about integration of the diverse South African labour expertise and are able to assist plan your human capital needs without compromising on quality skills as well as ensuring that there is a balance of the various employment groups, for all our Employment Relations & Industrial Relations Programmes.

We pride ourselves in our ability to fully integrate all the HR processes you have into a seamless, flowing organization to ensure your business sustainability.

We understand that people are your greatest asset and are a huge investment, keeping them engaged is the key to maximizing your investment, we can help you ensure that this is done throughout their entire employment life cycle and beyond (when they leave, they leave behind their expertise through our patented coaching and succession program).

We have a fully-fledged Employee Wellness Programme which is customisable to ensure it is unique to your organisation. This is done through Interest Survey given to your staff, including organisational Health Risk Assessment & Individual Health Risk Assessment.

Hence our holistic talent management process includes the planning of exits for when that inevitable time comes. In as much as we work hard to ensure that we help you retain your key people, our talent management programs ensure that you still get value even after they have exited for whatever reason.